21 Day Lifestyle Challenge

Twenty-One Days
To Reset You

Now is always a great time to reset your lifestyle. Forget everything you know about diets and fads. The 21 Day SheLean Lifestyle Challenge will not only change your life, but prepare you for the new one.

Day 1

Make A Doctor’s Appointment

Day 2

Clean Out Your Pantry

Day 3

Rid Yourself of Negative Energy

Day 4

Get Your Mind Right

Day 5

Create a Vision Board

Day 6

Document Your Starting Point

Day 7

Set a Goal

Day 8

Get an Accountability Partner

Day 9

Create a Budget

Day 10

Plan For You Hair

Day 11

Buy Fresh

Day 12

Become a Label Reader

Day 13

Invest in Meal Prep

Day 14

Investigate Juicers and Blenders

Day 15

Drink Water

Day 16

Plan to Rest

Day 17

Set Aside “Me Time”

Day 18

Create a Playlist

Day 19

Buy a Journal

Day 20

Plan for Positive Social Activity

Day 21

Start a New Workout